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In a previous post (Gifts +), we discussed finding our personal gifts/strengths (that which you are good at). It is recommended as a strong starting place for getting to know ourselves better and leading a more fulfilled Life at work and at home! In the post (Gifts +), I ventured to define Life simply as Happiness & Purpose across all contexts (work, family, etc.)

The concept of PASSION was introduced at the close of the (Gifts +) post as well. Simply and practically defined, our passions are those things that keep us up at night; questions, concerns or ideas that we would freely give our time and money to without hesitation – Those are your PASSIONS.

My FAVORITE career website and job search engine (it's modern and satirical) TheMuse, has an article titled “8 Ways to Figure Out What You’re Passionate About Without Leaving Your Couch” (!BOOM!). Easy read, with a list of eight ideas and links for us to try.

And for the record, things we are passionate about will always make room for our gifts – they will align, even if it takes some creativity.

A (your GIFTS) + B (your PASSION) will not always equal C (your career path) for some of us!!!

But don’t fret! The intended purpose of this journal is to encourage and practice reflection – further inspection – to find that intersection, the nexus, where our Gifts and our Passions meet, and we can make both a living AND an impact!

For example, one of my GIFTS is communication – I am confident in my GIFT to share and exchange information effectively through a variety of mediums.

And my PASSION is education – I fervently believe that if a person is not learning, they are  not growing; and that is akin to death in my eyes (sorry for getting morbid, LOL). I also believe that education (formal/informal, traditional and unconventional) are an integral part of success, no matter how  “success” is defined (and each person should define success for themselves – but that is ANOTHER journal entry all together). J

Now, with this particular GIFT (communication) and PASSION (education), upon first inspection, one might assume or suggest that I become a teacher.  Communication + Education = Teacher. Right?

Naaah. I am a Human Resources professional. In my chosen field, I communicate effectively with  employees and managers the importance of learning and growing in ways that positively impact  our work environments every day! Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely some parallels to teaching. For instance, I facilitate training in a classroom setting, performance reviews are akin to report cards, and HR is unfairly considered the principal’s office of the workplace. But, I digress.

The moral of the story is: Know yourself, and map your own LIFE’s path toward HAPPINESS and PURPOSE by using and acknowledging your own GIFTS and PASSIONS!

Al Capp (American cartoonist and humorist best known for the satirical comic strip Li'l Abner, said it best: Success is following the pattern of life one enjoys most."

Reflect on your (Gifts +)

Discover your PASSIONS by asking yourself: What keeps me up at night? What questions, concerns or ideas would I freely give my time and money to without hesitation? Or read the article  “8 Ways to Figure Out What You’re Passionate About Without Leaving Your Couch” (Link)

I have a series of Venn diagrams that sum it all up quite nicely: (diagrams attributed to their links. Just click!)

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And for my next-level visual thinkers:

I hope this adds value, readers. Be well.

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