Finding an Employer = Finding a Relationship (VIDEO VERSION ON THIS PAGE)


Which of these is more difficult in your opinion:

·         Finding the right relationship? ( boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, etc.) – OR –

·         Finding the right employer? (the right job, the right company to work for, etc.)

… I know!!!     That’s an interesting comparison right?!?

Well, you might be surprised at how much the two different ideals really have in common. Borrowing words from the great Maya Angelou “[They] are more ALIKE than [they] are UN-ALIKE”.

Finding, and successfully pairing ourselves with the right person is very important and very intimate. Important: because whom we choose to couple with can make us either very happy or  downright miserable depending on the outcome. Intimate: because who we choose to couple with is based on so many variables, and each variable is individual to each person. Like, where we live, what are we looking for in a relationship, do we even know what we want/need/ deserve?  And the answers to these basic questions are subject to change as we journey through Life – which can make this ideal become a moving target and even more difficult.

What about finding, and successfully pairing ourselves with the right employer? Do we approach it with the same deliberate care and scrutiny that we approach dating or marriage? Or do we just take what we can get? Well friend, choosing the right employer (the right job, and the right company to work for) is equally as important as choosing the right person – and for many of the same reasons – the right employer can also make you either very happy or downright miserable as well.

The parallel I hope to make here is that BOTH are very important and very intimate decisions that require care and scrutiny. We make better decisions about who to be with when we already know what we need/want/deserve before we even begin our search for a date or a job (short-term) a spouse or a career (long-term). Don’t just “take what you can get” when searching for either of these things!

*Chris Rock explains the difference between a “job” and a “career”? Click here

Above all else, we must remember that our relationships and our jobs are both DECISIONS we have the power to make or change at any time. Whomever we decide to share our day-to-day Life with (at work and at home) will either bring out the best in us or bring out the worst in us. You decide.

Below is a list of fun ways choosing an employer is the same as choosing a relationship. You can add to this list in the comments section.

1)    The job interview is like the first date (you both are feeling each other out)

2)    Reading through job postings and resumes is similar to reading online dating profiles

3)    We want to be ‘courted’ or chased after by an employer/ recruiter the same way a potential partner would pursue us

4)    We should be choosey with both and not just “take what you can get” – unless it’s an emergency

5)    We often choose people and jobs based on the potential they have for growth or how much money they can give us

6)    There is always one person that is giving more than the other one

7)    Things change over time with both a relationship and an employer; there is a short lived"courting" period with both

8)    We can be neglected, misused, or abused by an employer or in a relationship; or we can be the one doing the neglecting, etc

9)    Both relationships and employers can either be long-term or short-term commitments 

10) Good ones give you joy and bad ones drain you (both relationship and jobs)

11) It's a secret when you start looking for another one (relationships and employers)

12) Long distance relationships (employers and romance) don’t often work out

13) Meeting the coworkers feels alot like meeting the family

14) If you plan on coming in late (at home or at work) its best to ask permission or have a good excuse

15) The end is always bitter/sweet.